How Your Cover Letter Lost You the Job

Cover letters are a great way to give potential employers information about your qualifications outside the confines of your resume. However, the freedom that comes in being able to elaborate on why you are the best person for the job, can also allow you to veer off in the wrong direction and lead to some… Read more »


How to Get a Promotion Without Asking for It

No one likes to ask their boss for a promotion. Your diligence, willingness to take on more responsibility and consistency in meeting expectations should give you the attention you are looking for from your boss and lead to that next promotion.  Here are five steps to take to increase your chances of getting a promotion… Read more »


How Do You Recover After a Bad First Impression?

Everyone eventually finds themselves in a situation where that first impression goes south with a tone-deaf comment to a prospective boss, having the wrong outfit on for an interview, or spilling a drink all over a client. It is possible to recover from a bad first impression with enough time, effort and some nuanced skills…. Read more »