Taking business personally.

Owner Melissa Gladden founded CR in 2001 after learning the ropes at two other staffing companies. Melissa noted that what was lacking in her prior companies was a true human connection and respect for people as individuals. She set out to create a company that would focus on solving employers’ most pressing problems, providing steady work for hardworking individuals and remembering the human face behind every business or career struggle.

Today, CR has evolved into one of the top payroll service providers. We’re a leading provider of HR consulting services and workforce management solutions, and a full-service staffing and employment agency, serving clients and candidates across the country.

Our mission:

To create an environment that embraces diversity of our staff, employees and communities we serve for the greater good of all.

Our vision:

To be the human resource partner recognized for connecting the right people with the right organization every time, by placing an over-the-top emphasis on the relationships we build with both our employees and clients.

Our core values:

  • Creating a human connection
  • Treating people as individuals
  • Serving our community
  • Being courageous
  • Pursuing excellence
  • Having fun

Recruitment and selection specialists.

CR knows the value in maintaining long-term relationships with our clients and candidates. We consistently go above and beyond to make sure your goals are met. Whether you’re looking for payroll service providers, HR consulting services, or workforce management solutions, we have you covered.

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